The OpX Leadership Network provides solutions to foster operational excellence.

OEE Guidelines

This explains how OEE enhances productivity, helps drive sales growth, reduce capital outlays and ongoing operational costs.


OEE Guidelines

OEE Starter Tool

Get a better understanding of the various factors that can have an impact on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This guide will help you realize opportunities for savings in your production processes and maximize efficiency on the plant floor.

OpX OEE Starter Tool

OEE Benefits Calculator

OpX Leadership Network’s OEE Benefits Calculator helps you find opportunities for increased efficiency on the plant floor. With this tool you can confidently calculate: direct labor wages and overtime & raw material ingredient and packaging yield.

OEE Benefits Calculator


Remote Equipment Access

Provides a common understanding of the relative pros and cons of various common industry methodologies for remotely accessing equipment installed in manufacturing facilities. 

OpX Remote Equipment Access


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