About Us

About the OpX Leadership Network

The OpX Leadership Network brings together experts from around the industry and provides networking and tools to facilitate communications between suppliers and end users. Participate in an exceptional forum for open dialogue between manufacturers and OEMs who share a dedication to operational excellence. The OpX Leadership Network is the chosen solution developer for key industry issues identified by PMMI's outreach programs.

Our Mission

Leveraging the convening strength of PMMI, the OpX Leadership Network is a dynamic community of manufacturing, engineering and operations professionals dedicated to operational excellence.  Through open dialogue between CPG manufacturers and OEMs, the OpX Leadership Network provides an exceptional forum where the best minds come together to identify and solve common operational challenges, and apply best practices and innovative solutions to the real-world context of manufacturing.

Knowledge & Innovation

The OpX Leadership Network puts you/your company at the forefront of new, game-changing approaches in manufacturing operational excellence. The OpX Leadership Network is about coming together to solve problems and develop new guidelines and protocols to address the complexity of today’s manufacturing environment. The OpX Leadership Network helps drive innovation and thought leadership and provides relevant, practical solutions, so companies remain competitive and the OpX Leadership Network participants build their knowledge base.


Collaboration & Connections

The OpX Leadership Network engages a diverse group of professionals who share a need to stay up-to-date on the latest technology, regulations and best practices. No other organization brings the same mix of experienced CPG and OEM players together in such meaningful, productive interactions. The open exchange within OpX Leadership Network — across companies, and even sectors within manufacturing — is good for business, and it builds enduring professional and personal relationships.

Operational Excellence Outcomes

The OpX Leadership Network helps companies accelerate operational excellence. Engagement with the OpX Leadership Network maximizes the return on time and resources invested because it addresses some of the thorniest issues in manufacturing today. Establishing common language reduces ambiguity and enables smarter purchase decisions. With practical input from OEMs, the OpX Leadership Network influences equipment criteria and design, which helps CPGs adapt to change and get to market faster.