SILVER CERTIFICATE — Awarded by topic

The silver certi­ficate is awarded for passing the test for each work product within the topic (e.g., to receive the silver certi­ficate for Capital Projects, candidates must pass the tests for TCO, RFP and FAT).

There are nine possible silver certifi­cates:

  • Safety
  • Engagement
  • Diversity
  • Quality
  • Productivity
  • Sustainability
  • Engineering
  • Capital Projects
  • Maintenance

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About One Voice Ready

One Voice Ready is an assessment-based certi­ficate program as defi­ned by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. Available OpX Leadership Network solutions and best practices are divided into three streams and nine specifi­c topics.

Tests are based on knowledge of the specifi­c solutions and best practices.

Each test will be:

  • Approximately 30 minutes
  • 15-25 questions
  • $50 per work product

Certi­ficates are valid in perpetuity.