An Overview of the One Voice Ready Program

The One Voice Ready Certi­ficate Program provides recognition for individuals and companies who embrace the OpX Leadership Network solutions. Certi­ficates belong to the individual, not the company. As individuals move within the industry, they maintain the certifi­cates that they have earned.

Be sure to download each assessment’s corresponding OpX Leadership Network work product which provides all study material needed to pass the tests.

Companies that endorse the OpX Leadership Network solutions and support their employees obtaining One Voice Ready certifi­cates can receive the One Voice Ready seal. (This seal will be available in Phase 2 of the launch.)

In order to take the tests, you will need to create an account with PMMI U. After clicking the button below, select Register to set up your new account log in. Once your account has been made, head over to the PMMI U Training Catalog to access the assessments. 

Bronze Certificate

Silver Certificate

Gold Certificate

Platinum Certificate

About One Voice Ready Program

One Voice Ready is an assessment-based certi­ficate program as defi­ned by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. Available OpX Leadership Network solutions and best practices are divided into three streams and nine specifi­c topics.

Tests are based on knowledge of the specifi­c solutions and best practices. Each test will be:

  • Approximately 30 minutes
  • 15-25 questions
  • $50 per work product

Certi­ficates are valid in perpetuity.

Benefits of the Program

The benefi­ts of the One Voice Ready Certi­ficate Program include:

  • Helping close the workforce development and skills gap issue.
  • Aiding in onboarding personnel for both CPGs and OEMs.
  • Improving alignment, communication and connections between CPGs and OEMs.
  • Creating a pool of engaged individuals for development of additional OpX Leadership Network work products.

Platinum: Emerson        Gold:  Mettler    CRB    Schneider Electric       Silver: