Best Practice Transitioning Flexible Materials

Published Autumn 2023
Best Practice Transitioning Flexible Materials

Transitioning flexible materials in consumer-packaged goods (CPG) operations can refer to a variety of processes, such as changing the type of packaging material used for a product, altering the design or shape of packaging, or modifying the equipment and machinery used to handle and package the product.

This document is intended to be used by brand manufacturers as a guide to ensuring the process of transitioning flexible materials in packaging operations is efficient and successful by involving relevant parties at specific and appropriate points in the process, once the decision has been made to transition materials.

Some highlights of the best practice include:

  • Information on CPG materials usage and frequency of change
  • Flow chart detailing the order of tasks required for transitioning flexible films on packaging lines
  • A RACI matrix depicting the level of responsibility for each group involved
  • Detailed information on each stage and task for transitioning flexible films in CPG operations

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