Sustainability Journey Resource Guide

Published Spring 2017

Once you’ve grasped the idea that social, environmental and economic sustainability can present business opportunities for your food & beverage or CPG organization, there remains the challenge understanding how to cost-effectively implement such programs in the face of increasing competitive and economic pressures. This 43-page PDF guidebook, authored by O'Brien & Gere, gives you the step-by-step tools to do just that. Once you’ve read the companion Executive Summary, you’ll find this an indispensable roadmap to turn your proposals into practical realities. It follows the “people, planet, profit” measurements established in the summary to delve into the details of establishing project plans.

For instance, beyond defining the 18 attributes of a robust sustainability program, it explains exactly how to take your team through beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of proficiency. Likewise, case studies delve into specific areas of plant and manufacturing process improvements. The guidelines presented in this guidebook represent the culmination of lessons learned, best practices and standards set into place by the leading manufacturers and suppliers who comprise the OpX Sustainability Solutions Group.

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