OpX Introduces New Certification Program for Industry Professionals

October 1, 2019

The OpX Leadership Network currently offers over 15 published solutions that address common industry challenges centered around people, process and projects, and the new certification program is designed to provide recognition for those professionals who demonstrate proficiency of the work products.

According to Griffen, the certification program was created to drive adoption of the suite of OpX tools and provide incentive to both individuals and companies to use them. The One Voice Ready Certification program is designed to allow a common language between professionals in the industry when addressing needs between end-users and machine builders.

Testing is based on knowledge of the solutions and best practices within the three areas, and there is a total of thirteen tests that will be released through 2020 (two are available now) – individual work product tests, and advanced certificates for mastering work products within a particular topic or stream. E-learning is also available to assist with test preparation.

The goal of the tools (which were created by industry peers) is “to make things more consistent across the industry,” said Griffen. “Each one of these products tackles a specific problem, and if you use an individual tool it will help you improve your operational efficiency – guaranteed – but the real value of the OpX tools is when we look at them as a platform to use across the business.”

Tools range from OEE, which will help an organization determine their equipment needs, to Total Cost of Ownership to determine the actual cost over the life of an asset. Request for Proposal is a checklist that allows engineers a comprehensive list of needs for the machine builder’s proposal. There are also industry-specific tools to assist with engineering details needed for a project, and finally, a Factory Acceptance Test to design a comprehensive test of the equipment when it is ready.

This suite of tools, when used together, create a “true proposed project,” and according to Griffen, “when used individually they have value, but when used together, that value is significantly increased.”

Griffen said a final element to the program that will be rolled out in 2020 is to recognize companies that encourage their employees to become certified. The One Voice Ready Seal will be awarded (to OEMs in particular), so that CPGs can recognize companies that are certified and using the tools for a more transparent process.

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Kim Overstreet

Content Strategist, Alignment

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