article / Published Apr, 2016

SugarCreek awarded Food Plant of Year 2016, Workforce Engagement Framework Highlighted

PMMI’s OpX Leadership Network ​recognizes the accomplishments of the SugarCreek team and its Cambridge City, IN facility for being awarded the 2016 Food Plant of the Year at the Food Automation & Manufacturing Conference. In his presentation of this state-of-the-art plant, Dan Sileo, vice president, manufacturing, SugarCreek, highlighted the value of the OpX Leadership Network’s Workforce Engagement framework in building a HPWS (high performance work system). Sileo also underscored how the Workforce Engagement framework supported his recruiting and onboarding efforts, resulting in the successful opening of the new 435,000 sq ft facility. Sileo currently serves as the vice chair of the OpX Leadership Network Executive Council.        

Worker Safety Readiness for the CPG Industry

The primary focus of the document is to provide worker safety readiness assessment tools in two key areas: commitment to a culture of worker safety and commitment to a worker safety plan. The free resource includes subject matter expertise from members of the OpX Leadership Network’s Worker Safety Solutions Group, as well as guidelines to evaluate electrical safety, ammonia safety and machine safeguarding.
Released Autumn 2018

Click here to download the full Workforce Engagement framework.  

Pictured left to right: Tom Schurig, Vice President, Engineering, SugarCreek; Dan Sileo, Vice President, Manufacturing, SugarCreek

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