The Industrial Internet: Why are people doing it?

Worker Safety Readiness for the CPG Industry

The primary focus of the document is to provide worker safety readiness assessment tools in two key areas: commitment to a culture of worker safety and commitment to a worker safety plan. The free resource includes subject matter expertise from members of the OpX Leadership Network’s Worker Safety Solutions Group, as well as guidelines to evaluate electrical safety, ammonia safety and machine safeguarding.
Released Autumn 2018
presentation / Recorded Sep, 2015

The Industrial Internet: Why People Are Doing It

The OpX Leadership Network’s Steve Schlegel and Stephen Perry sit down with GE to discuss the importance of CPGs relating to their customers – because they share data in order to better supply the retailer. Today’s manufacturer equipment technology is so sophisticated that it is essential for current and future workers to be tuned in, engaged and involved so that they can effectively supply the downstream.

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