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Clean-in-Place Guidelines for Consumer Products Manufacturers

Clean-in-Place (CIP) is widely used in the production of products such as food, dairy, beverages, cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, pet food and bio-tech to remove soil from product contact surfaces without disassembly by circulating, spraying or flowing chemical solutions onto and over the surfaces in the processing configuration. The OpX Leadership Network has developed Clean-in-Place Guidelines for Consumer Products Manufacturers, outlining generic definitions, equipment considerations, best practices and protocols for CIP that can be leveraged across multiple process lines to drive improved operations, product quality, consumer safety and sustainability results.
Released Autumn 2017
presentation / Recorded Nov, 2014

One Voice for Hygienic Equipment Design for Low-Moisture Food

This is a must-see video for all who wish to enhance supplier collaboration more efficient equipment design and more effective food safety compliance for low-moisture foods. Watch it to learn about the new One Voice guidelines from the OpX Engineering Solutions Group, and a tool that guides you through risk assessment, determination of hygienic zones and cleaning methods and much more.

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