Issue Identified
Significant CPG Issue Identified
Industry events hosted by PMMI and PACK EXPO offer numerous opportunities to share ideas and challenges. Critical topics are conveyed to the OpX Leadership Network for consideration.
Pursues Issue
OpX Leadership Pursues Issue, Then Assigns to Solutions Group
A leadership group of OpX Leadership Network members discusses the issue and gathers data. With consensus to move forward, the issue is assigned either to an existing group or a new solutions group is convened of subject matter experts.
Define Scope of Project
Group CPGs Define Scope of Project, Develop Charter and Select OEM Participants
The new solutions group is comprised of CPG representatives who are charged with defining and addressing the problem, as well as invited OEMs or other suppliers who can provide insight on the topic.
Develop Work Product
Group Develops Work Product
The solutions group meets periodically online and in person to develop a solution.
Peer Review
Peer Review of Work Product
Once the work product or solution is tested, it is released to the packaging and processing supply chain, including OEMs and CPGs, for a thorough peer review.
Work Product Finalized
Work Product Finalized and Published
With the Peer Review Complete, the work product is finalized and published for free download at
Users Group Adopts
Users Group Adopts
Users Groups of OEMs and CPGs adopt work products, share experiences and challenges, and encourage implementation.
Users Group Drives Industry Adoption
Users Group Drives Industry Adoption
  • Best Practices
  • Case Studies
  • Roundtables
  • Benchmarking
  • Mentoring
Users Groups' insights and experiences are shared out to serve as guides to implementing OpX Leadership Network solutions.

When a work product is released, some Solutions Groups will tackle a new (related) initiative, repeating the steps in red, resulting in a new work product. Other Solution Groups will focus mainly on user adoption.