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Remote Equipment Access

The Remote Equipment Access: Options Analysis provides a common understanding of the relative pros and cons of various common industry methodologies for remotely accessing equipment installed in manufacturing facilities. The goal is to enable safe and secure remote equipment diagnostics and assistance. This work product is not intended as a how to guide; it is designed as a discussion tool to consider the approaches available to enable remote access to equipment.
Released Winter 2018
presentation / Recorded Nov, 2014

Factory Acceptance Tests: One Voice Guidelines for the CPG Industry

Watch this video from to learn how OPX’ new One Voice guidelines for Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) can ease the specification, purchasing and testing of new equipment. You’ll learn details of the five protocols for test runs (length, scope, materials); equipment (mechanical and electrical linkage, and design); safety (product and worker); changeover time and metrics; and documentation. Presented by Steve Schlegel, OpX Co-Managing Director.

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