One Voice for Hygienic Equipment Design for Low-Moisture Foods

Hygienic EquipmentPublished Fall 2014

Standards are often very general documents that are difficult to “translate” into the needs of specific processes, or product categories. Compliance to general standards may be sufficient to help companies meet baseline levels of compliance, but in the area of low-moisture foods, the risk of recalls and food safety incidents has been a particularly critical area.

To create the 43-page PDF, “One Voice for Hygienic Equipment Design for Low-Moisture Foods,” leading manufacturers collaborated to establish standard processes, steps and methods to help manufacturers collaborate with their original equipment manufacturers to reduce risk and increase compliance, and reach consensus on specific criteria for the design and construction of hygienic (a.k.a. sanitary) production equipment. Input came from members of OpX’ Operational Reliability Solutions Group. They range from ConAgra, Hormel and cereal-makers Kellogg and Post on the manufacturing side, to major OEMs and service providers.