Virtual Factory Acceptance Test (vFAT)

Virtual FAT
Published Summer 2020

This is an addendum to the existing FAT work product on how to perform virtual FATs (vFATs). This is a critical document given the current COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that CPGs can’t typically travel to OEM sites to do the FAT. 

The OpX Leadership Network’s Capital Projects Solutions Group has been formed to enhance the communication among all stakeholders during the process of commercial transactions involving capital equipment. The strategic objective is to achieve capital project excellence.

One specific opportunity is Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) as they are critical to verifying equipment operability prior to leaving the supplier’s factory. This team developed the One Voice Factory Acceptance Tests; Protocols for Capital Equipment in the CPG Industry. These protocols should, when utilized appropriately, resolve FAT criteria, expectations or miscommunication that often result in confusion for both parties, unbudgeted costs in travel and material and increased timelines.

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